Green Services

Get an overview of the typical services Green Building Blocks members are including in their profiles.


Planning/ design

The planning and design phase of a building or remodeling project is the first step in translating the vision for a house into reality. The process may include many specialized services, such as site planning and design, building design, building-envelope optimization, HVAC system sizing and design, and product specification and assessment.

Integrated project consulting

Integrated project consulting brings a turnkey approach to a construction or remodeling job by coordinating every detail to ensure that any decisions made support the overall vision. This service includes the selection of design and construction teams and the identification of subject-matter experts on technologies, methods, and materials.

Facilitation/ advocacy

One of the most important tasks throughout the course of a building project is helping clients deal with the maze of permits and regulations that are generally required. Architects, builders, and contractors typically serve as advocates in front of local planning, zoning, historical-preservation, and other municipal and governmental boards.

Other professionals also play different but equally important advocacy roles during a building project. For example, green building consultants and renewable-energy consultants serve as the green "voice" during the planning and construction phase, making sure clients and the building team utilize the many green building options available today.

Feasibility assessment

Professionals leverage their expertise to assess the feasibility of building on a particular piece of land, renovating an existing structure, or implementing renewable-energy technologies or other green approaches. Feasibility involves considering physical limitations, zoning requirements, cost implications, timing constraints, and other factors.

Design/ building

Many companies offer both architectural and construction services, and can drive a job from inception to move-in. This provides clients with a single company that can integrate considerations of costs, timing, project goals, etc. Using an all-in-one resource can result in a more cost-effective, streamlined process.

Product selection

Clients rely on building professionals to specify and recommend products at all stages of construction, such as insulation, HVAC and other systems, appliances, windows and doors, interior finishes, etc. Professionals draw on their knowledge to provide information on features, benefits, costs, and payback periods.

Construction/ general contracting

Some general contractors specialize in a certain area of construction (such as foundations, framing, plumbing, windows, roofing, energy, electrical systems, daylighting, heating, landscaping, etc.), while others are jacks of all trades and can manage construction for an entire project.

Installation/ replacement

Depending on their specialty, building professionals will install and/or replace everything from plumbing systems to floor coverings and every other aspect of a home.

Auditing/ analysis

Many companies offer or subcontract audit and analysis services that assess energy efficiency, water consumption, energy requirements. and overall home performance, as well as other factors that affect the health, safety, and operational attributes of a house.

Maintaining/ servicing/ repairing

Regular maintenance, service, and repair are crucial for all the elements of a home, from heating systems to renewable-energy systems to plumbing fixtures. Specialized contractors focus on individual components from top to bottom to ensure that all systems are functioning at peak performance.


Performed by highly specialized experts using a systematic, comprehensive process, commissioning ensures that a building and its systems perform in accordance with specifications.